fitbit ultra 使い始めて8ヶ月、初めてバッテリーが切れた

fitbit ultra、使い始めて約8ヶ月。




Your Ultra battery level is low.  
Your Ultra battery level is low. Charge your battery as soon as possible. 
To charge: 
1. Connect the powered base station to your computer or other USB power source 2. Place the tracker on the base station, matching the gold contacts on the tracker with that of the base station 3. It will take one to two hours to charge to full, depending on the current power level 
Your battery should last 5-7 days under normal use. 
Happy stepping! 
For more information visit: http://www.fitbit.com/support 
To change your notification settings visit: https://www.fitbit.com/user/profile/account 


Fitbit Flex ワイヤレス活動量計・睡眠計リストバンド

fitbit ultraはすでに前の世代の製品になってしまったが、今回改めてなかなか良くできているなぁと思った。